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Being a specialized catering and life support services company, we offer comprehensive industrial, offshore and commercial food catering services in many forms and styles, life support services such as but not limited to camp management, housekeeping and laundry services, retail and trading in addition to particular management / consultancy services in the hospitality and food & beverage domains. Simply, we cater to your budget and customize services and operations to your actual needs and optimize the operation to best serve your objectives through a skilled professional team specialized in catering & food service operations and life support services.

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Being a specialized catering and life support services company, we offer comprehensive food catering services in many forms and styles, life support services such as but not limited to camp management, housekeeping and laundry services, retail and trading. in the hospitality and food & beverage domains. See More

We utilize the most qualified personnel and best industry practice methodologies, state of the art culinary merchandise, materials and equipment to provide quality wholesome foods and services that exceed expectations of our clients and meet objectives developing in the hospitality & service industry.

Simply, we cater to your budget and customize services and operations to your actual needs and optimize the operation to best serve your objectives through a skilled professional team specialized in catering & food service operations and life support services.

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A service that we have been providing since 1983, catering and food services are the core competencies at Farah International catering Services LLC with a recognized performance track record, operational know-how endorsed by an ISO:22000 Food Safety Management certification. We provide balanced, well prepared, health cautious menus carefully designed to cater for various industries and tailored to the specific requirements of each and every individual client.

Our catering services range from full contract meal provisions, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to specific single meal contracts which are served in many forms and styles whether on or off premises, a la minute or in meal packages.

We carefully select suppliers, procure quality raw materials, ensure proper storage and handling, enforce controlled production and execution practices, adequate holding, use food safe equipment and materials and serve meals properly to ensure our catering services meet and satisfy your expectations.

Industrial Catering

We believe that catering plays an important role in the end users’ productivity and the enhancement of morale, hence recognize the importance of providing quality wholesome food that is safe, tasteful and nutritious.

In respect to the different catering needs of various industries and projects of local or multi-national nature, we have embedded customized services and product offerings to your specific requirements, including served-at-site and prepackaged meals. Farah International Catering Services LLC provides food service solutions and meal varieties that cater to your budget and best serve your objectives through a skilled and professional team of trained individuals.

Our industrial catering services are customized towards:

 Projects and Factories: offers comprehensive and cost effective food catering services for mass quantities of local and multinational personnel at site, whether senior or junior, through a wide variety of cuisines and carefully planned menus. A complete solution for mass industries and a step forward towards staff & worker productivity.

Remote Site Services: understanding the challenges, with the ability to reach and commence catering operations at any remotely located site or project, we offer unmatched solutions that warrant sustainable service and meal offerings even in the roughest environments, including the provision of mobile catering facilities.

Corporate Organizations: satisfies the need for contemporary, fast and healthy food and beverage services to corporate offices covering a wide range of meal varieties and products in diverse styles of service, including the operation of corporate canteens and kiosks.

 Medical Institutions: furnishing a balanced and effective approach to serve the catering needs of Hospitals and medical institutes through special dietary menus and health cautious foods that require strict and continuous nutritional observation.

 Educational Bodies: provides wholesome meals and food products which ensure the wellbeing and evenhanded nutrition of students and faculty members alike, contributing to educational development and success.

 Government & Defense Sector: designed to offer well-balanced, high energy meals to security and defense forces, with logistical capabilities that endorse our cook’s abilities to perform and deliver such meals in barracks and theaters of training and operations hence adapting to their unpredictable schedules.

Off-Shore Catering

Since its establishment in 1983, Farah international Catering Services LLC specialized in passenger ferry & cargo vessel catering services which include food supplies and production for crew and passengers alike, delivering customized menus and food rations.

Being its core competency, off-shore catering on board maritime units is an area where our know how and experience formulate the added value and proficiency of services provided aboard various types and sizes of vessels. Off-shore catering is a demanding aspect that requires a lot of planning, scheduling and management due to the operating nature of the service. We also manage vessel storage facilities and accommodation.

Farah International Catering Services has a team of certified marine personnel with accumulated experience of over 80 years endorsed by a management and supply chain acquainted with port operations and international marine operating regulations. Our off-shore marine catering services are primarily targeted towards the following:

Passenger Ships and Ferries:  providing passengers with a broad variety of meals through delectable menus served on board vessel restaurants and cafeterias, with capabilities of serving quality pre-packaged disposable meals and the provision of a wide range of value confectionary items and beverages through operated cafes and kiosks on board.

Moreover, we primarily cater towards vessel crews providing full board meal services to all staff levels, operating crew mess halls and conclude specialized captain quarter catering services. Such operations are conducted on board using the vessels kitchen and production facilities.

 Cargo and RO/RO Vessels: with similar services to passenger ships and ferries, catering services on board cargo and RO/RO vessels are solely targeted towards vessel crews and support service staff on board. Providing full service menus and varieties including the provision of food rations and full board meal services to all staff levels, operating crew mess halls and conclude specialized captain quarter catering services.

In addition, we provide vessels with ship chandelling services as a complement to our off-shore marine catering services; please revert to the life support services section of our website for more information.

Commercial Catering

Endorsed by our cumulative years of experience, we have set out customized food and beverage services to cater for the various needs of organizations and individuals alike, providing an A to Z catering service that not only cater to your actual business needs rather we have expanded such services to include:

Conferences and Corporate Meetings*: Providing customized food and beverage packages that provide that additional touch for a successful conference or meeting, whether it be your morning or all day coffee breaks, lunch and dinner buffets. We have the right product for you entailing a wide choice of menu’s and add-ons.

Our conference and corporate meetings services can be held on or off premises, with the provision of all your needs from banquet tables, chairs and mobile food service equipment. In addition we have the capability to source all your events communication and IT requirements including but not limited to projectors, screens, microphones, charts, podiums etc. through third parties.

Private Functions and Events*: Targeted towards making your functions memorable and hassle-free, from engagement parties to weddings, friend and family functions, or a private luncheon, we cater your private events with utmost attention to detail. Please contact us for more information and how we can best serve your needs.

Drop-Off Catering Services*: Cooking at home might sometimes become a hassle with all the day to day commitments, but why worry? Do you have guests coming over but you do not have the time? We at Farah International Catering Services provide you with our special range of home cooked appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts; we will cook and deliver your food right to your door step. Please contact us for menus and more information.

 * This service is currently available in Aqaba, Jordan only.

Menus and Nutrition

Being the core of any food service operation, at Farah International Catering Services LLC building menus aims to realize two significant values, the first being sufficient and nutrient to endorse a healthy and balanced lifestyle and second to include variety and diversity to avoid menu fatigue and cater to the numerous tastes of the different consumers, ethnicities and faiths.

Created by our proficient and eligible executive chefs with dietary considerations taken into account, we produce comprehensive cycle menus based on delivering the average and balanced daily caloric intake for an individuals need, and choice is based around the following principles:

  • Use of fresh quality produce wherever possible
  • Meats, poultry and fish used are of grade + rating
  • Use of milk products that are enriched with calcium
  • Dairy products are low in salt and fat wherever applicable
  • Frozen produce are of premium quality when used
  • Natural stocks are encouraged for use in sauces and soups
  • Breads are nutritious with minimal added sugars
  • Spices used are freshly grinded wherever possible
  • To Limit the use of MSG items

The criterion above supports our target to produce quality wholesome foods, and our sourcing activities aim to achieve these results.

None the less, it is the application of best industry cooking practices and techniques that ultimately contributes to our appetizing meals. We apply international standards of food safety management within this process and follow strict recipe cards and the proper tools/equipment to ensure consistency in taste and quality in the end product.

Logistics & Supply Chain

At Farah International Catering Services LLC, we ensure that our company always maintains a strong supplier base, capable of coping with the dynamic needs for quality produce and materials to deliver our promise of quality wholesome food.

Driven by our nutritious menus, supplier and product selection follow extensive criteria for becoming either approved products or suppliers, all our materials are tested in our kitchens prior to acceptance and have to meet taste, quality and consistency standards.

With a dedicated supply chain department and supporting facilities, from controlled warehouses, storage facilities to specialized food transport vehicles and holding equipment, we prosper to deliver products on time and in the right environment. During this cycle, ISO:22000 food safety management principles are applied and monitored to ensure quality control; safe keeping and a guarantee to the receipt and issuing process of materials.

Our logistical network spans through all areas of our operation and is capable to reach all projects and especially remotely located sites. Our fleet of vehicles is monitored by GPS giving us control over the safe transport of items and considering all personal safety and security measures such as driving speed for the wellbeing of our staff. We also have the capability to deliver food items outside of our geographical operating area into markets of neighboring countries.

Camp & Facilities Management

–      Safety & Security

–      Maintenance & Repairs

–      Accommodation & Visitor Management

–      Procurement & Supplies

–      Store & Inventory Management


Project Logistics & Mobilization

–      lodging Units

–      Transportation Services

–      Water Supply

–      Equipment Hire

–      Skilled Labor Hire

–      Gas & Fuel Supply

–      Electrical Generators

–      Recreation Facilities

–      Telecommunications

–      Flood Light Hire


Cleaning Services

–      Housekeeping Services

–      Laundry Services

–      Sewage & Janitorial Services

–      Waste Management


Food Supplies and Ship-Chandelling

Duty Free Shops

Final-RS-logoRed Sea Duty Free Shops were established in the year 1983, operating on board passenger vessels traveling from the sea port of Aqaba to Egyptian sea ports on the red sea and vice versa. The red sea duty free shops offer a wide variety of unique products and diverse items, the traveling passenger has a choice of purchasing quality watches, electronics, home appliances, renowned perfumes and fragrances, tobacco, gifts, toys and much more.

Our duty free shops offer attractive deals, packages and discounts on their items which encourage customers to buy more and undoubtedly get more value for money that they wouldn’t get anywhere else on the red sea.

All items and products that Red Sea Duty Free Shops furnished for sale are carefully selected through marketing and sales experts at Farah International Catering Services Co. and take into their highest consideration quality and value for the buying customer. The Red Sea Duty Free Shops have gone under extensive décor renovations recently having a modern look and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

 *Red Sea Duty Free is a registered trade mark for Farah International Catering Services LLC.


Café’s & Kiosks

Complementing our catering core business, Farah International Catering Services LLC manages and operates cafes and kiosks which offer light sandwiches, salads and snack foods including confectionary items and a wide range of cold/hot beverages and refreshments.

Geared to service the “grab and go” market, our cafes and kiosks are best suited in high pedestrian traffic areas, universities, colleges and corporate institutions. However they can also be accommodated within large project premises and also in remote locations. With the product offering, we contribute to the alternative food and beverage solutions where a full-fledged catering service is not foreseeable, hence providing the basic requirements of employees, students, workers and visitors alike in organizations and venues.

The selection of items within our cafes and kiosks are extended upon request to include cooked/prepackaged ready to go meals and other items to extend the diversity of product offering as per the needs of our clients.

Import & Export

Farah International Catering Services LLC is licensed for Import and export of commodities and trading in various domains endorsed by our leverage or resources and supply chain network.

For any inquiries or more information, please contact us on info@farahcatering.com